Welcome to Save the Cowboy

by Kevin on June 15, 2011

Vision Statement

Save the Cowboy will ford the widest rivers and cross the deepest canyons to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the real life cowboys and cowgirls and those that wish they were.

In doing so, Save the Cowboy will strive to educate, train, and preserve the cowboy way of life where a handshake is better than a signature and the spoken word is better than a legal contract and means more.

Mission Statement

Save the Cowboy sends cowboys and cowgirls that have heeded the call of our Lord and Savior to the farthest corner of God’s green pastures in order to bring the Gospel to the lost just like Jesus told us to in the Great Cow-mission.

These cowboy and cowgirl missionaries will deliver the Gospel message according to the gifts that have been given to them whether that be in sermon, song, or even by the swinging of a loop. Save the Cowboy will strive to equip, fund, and train these great men and women so that they can use the gifts that God has given them.

Save the Cowboy Code of Conduct

Put God first in yer life.

Yer first ministry is to yer better half and the young-ins if you got ‘em.

Go to the cowboys where they are spiritually instead of just yellin’ down at ‘em from on high.

If you can’t say somethin’ a cowboy can understand, then don’t be a sayin’ it.

Be the same feller every single day.

Be a cowboy at all times in word, wear, and way.

Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship.

Cowboys won’t listen to pansies, be a MAN!

Put on the full armor of God to guard against Satan’s attacks:

  • The latigo of truth
  • The vest of God’s goodness
  • The high-topped boots of being cinched up and ready
  • The bracers of faith
  • The cowboy hat of salvation
  • And the scatter-gun of the Spirit, which is the word of God

If we don’t preserve this way of life, not only will the cowboy fade into myth, but he will also spend eternity without God. We owe it to our children, and those who made the cowboy what it is, to do all we can.

For more information on Save the Cowboy, feel free to fill out the contact form here on the website. We are constantly looking for people to pardner with in the ministry.

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